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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Updated 01/16/2019


Creation of your own commands allows you to run simultaneous actions with multiple timers: start, pause, stop, and other actions on one board or on different boards without a need to open these boards and searching timers.

There are 2 way to you create commands:

1. Using the Side Navigation Menu

  • Go to the side navigation Menu.

  • Tap the "Edit" button located next to the "Commands" title.

  • Tap "+ Add" item at the bottom of the Command list.

  • Add a command name in the pop-up window.

Steps to add a custom command
Adding a custom command using the side navigation menu

After this, you will automatically switch to the board editing mode.

  • Press the timer several times to select the action to be performed when the command is executed.

  • Tap the "Run" button on the Toolbar to run the command immediately.

  • To close the Toolbar, quit the edit mode, and save changes, tap the cogwheel button again.

Actions over timers
Hit timers, stopwatches and, counters to select a required action

2. Using the Toolbar

  • Tap the cogwheel button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to open the Toolbar.

  • Tap the "Cmd" button to open the section with the command settings.

  • Hit timers several times to set desired actions.

  • Tap the "Save" icon in the Toolbar to save the new command; Add command name in the pop-up window and tap "Done".

  • To finish, tap the cogwheel button again.

Adding timers using the board toolbar
Adding a custom command using the board toolbar

Important notes:

  • All commands are located in the side navigation menu in the Commands section.

  • Created commands can consist of timers that are located on a single board or on different boards.

  • To add different timers to your command, swipe left or right on the screen to scroll between boards; Tap timers to select actions for them. Timers with selected actions will be added to the created command.

  • To test your command, tap the "Run" button on the Toolbar.

  • To edit or to remove a command you need to go to the side navigation menu, tap the "Edit" button in the "Commands" section. Swipe leftwards on a command name to reveal a set of two buttons on the right: "Edit" and "Delete".

  • To change the title of a command, tap the block with the command title, located next to the "Run" button on the Toolbar.

  • The app has got a built-in command "Terminate all timers" that stops all running timers at the same time.

  • The current version of the "Commands" function allows you to run timers simultaneously but not successively.

Edit and delete a command
Edit and Delete commands

By tapping the timers that you need to be included into a command, the actions available for a particular timer type will appear above the timer.

Available actions:

Table of supported timers and commands
Actions that are available in the use of the Commands function

Note: The "Start" action can also be used to resume timers after the "Pause" action applied.


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